Do Not Patronize List

The following is a list of businesses that are NOT firearm friendly. I highly recommend that you do not patronize these establishments. I have personally verified every establishment on this list. Additions will be added as I personally come across them.

1. Cabelas – Bowling Green KY. Cabelas requires firearms to be ‘checked in” and left with security at the door, yet they sell firearms there.  I will not check or leave my pistol in the hands of a clerk at Cabellas.  I will and DO shop elsewhere.

2.  Costco:  Bans firearms on premises in all locations.

3.  Waffle House:  Banned in all locations.

4. Bluehost Web Hosting: Bans websites from their hosting service that contain gun shops or firearm advertising.

5. Visionworks: Bans firearms. 2608 Scottsville Road, Bowling Green, KY.

6. Walmart: Walmart Corporate says it will stop selling ammunition that can be used in “military-style assault rifles,” and would discourage its customers from openly carrying guns in its stores, and would call on Congress to increase background checks and consider a new assault rifle ban. Walmart will also no longer sell handguns, and will sell what remains of the handgun ammunition it has, along with the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber ammunition that can be used in AR15s.

7. Bluegrass Cellular: Bans firearms. 303 north Main Street, Russellville, KY.

Contractors that I have personal experience with, and I will categorically NOT recommend:

1. Thomason’s Decorating Center – Russellville KY. Has no installation employees and relies on a list of contractors for installation. Allowed contractor to charge supplies to me without my permission. They then wash their hands of any issues that occur with installation.

1a. John Anderson – Russellville KY. Contractor for Thomason’s. Estimates mean nothing to this contractor. His estimate was roughly 60% higher than other contractors I talked to. He was available immediately so I agreed to pay his fee. He then added items to the final bill that nearly doubled his already HIGH estimate. Further, he was the contractor that charged basic supplies to my account at Thomason’s without my permission, that should have been covered in his estimate. Final cost of his installation was three times the initial estimate of the first contractor. Subsequent conversations with another contractor that I employed on a different project, indicated that Anderson has a reputation for doing this. Be warned…

2. John Mast – Auburn KY. Amish Contractor – formerly located at 2428 Pilot Knob Road, Auburn, KY 42206. (He moved in 2018 to Sandy Gap Road in Auburn, KY.) Yup this is the same Amish guy that went to jail rather than pay the fine that the City of Auburn levied on him for not having a receptacle tied to the back of his horse.

This guy also uses his sons cell phone for messaging. (1-270-772-2233 ) They show up on a job site with the traditional horse and buggy, as well as a crew cab pickup truck. Lunch time rolls around, and they all pack into the truck and head out for lunch.

I had him build a garage for me, and a carport on the back of the garage, for a 23 foot travel trailer. He did the measuring, design, and layout. The evening they finished, I felt sorry for the guy as he supplied all the materials without asking for a deposit. I was not able to put the trailer under the carport due to the concrete needing time to cure, so I payed him in full when he was ready to leave.

Sure enough, when the concrete was hard and I tried to put the trailer under the carport, I discovered he had made it too low, and the trailer wont fit under the roof.

I called him to come back and view the carport, and he agreed it needed to be raised, and would get it handled. This was in October 2018. Now, he won’t return calls and obviously has no intention of fixing his mistake. Again, beware… just because someone is religious, doesn’t mean they are honest or upright. This guy made my ‘Do Not Patronize’ list.

I ran into him at Lowe’s. He walked the other way with his head turned away as if he didn’t see me. I decided that this issue needed to be escalated in the Amish community. I talked to one of the local Amish Elders, and he recommended that I talk to John’s father. I brought photographs and a copy of the check along and discussed it with his father. Long story short, John was here today (September 13, 2019), just a few days after the conversation with his father, spent a few hours and resolved the issue… six weeks short of a year folks. Beware.

My compliments to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. They no longer ban licensed possession of firearms on their premises. Well Done!